Escape from stagnancy by cycling – Bersepeda ke tempat kerja


Welcome to nkdsite. This website is built in order to preach to myself, post experiences,  stories or atmosphere of the environment, employment, family lifes, hobbies, sports, religion and others.

Contents of this blog is not important, only unscheduled personal writings. Contains the experience or subjective opinions about environment, hobbies, health, sports, travel and others. Does not contain a means of knowledge, just a splash of fun writing it to fill the void of time.
Not  periodically writing and slick. Even if there are benefits, the possibility is zero point,…
It’s like a piece of experience that sometimes implied to be archived, .. like writing ‘disease due to gall stones’ and others, where hopefully there are things that can take the lesson by the readers.
greetings.,…(ha..hah…inggris ngasal,…yg penting gaya…

Medinah, July 2005.

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Mang nkd

Recreational cycling is perhaps the most satisfying way to get exercise, fresh air and improve your health compared to any other form of recreation. Getting there under your own power is rewarding. The views an experiences along the way are part of the world in which you live, instead of one you merely drive through