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Dream Do Come True

Keep your goals in mind

Believe in yourself

Know that you deserve to be happy

Remember to think positive

Stay focus on the positive outcome

Remember to be gratefull to what you have

Be open to new ideas and opportunities

Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind

Allow yourself to be open to receive abundance

Give thanks when your deams come true!

Review – The Ultimate Supervisor

Review of 3 days training course – The Ultimate Supervisor by Nandang KD.

  1. Topic covered

Many of things the advantages in 3 days course held by pak DR. Dwi. The topics

can be described such the following:

- The Role Supervisor in liaison of building the team work in company

- Supervisor as a coach

- Build effective supervisor skill

- Strategies to prioritize the significant things

- Learn the basic of project management

- How to make a plan effectively

- Create a good communication to staff

- Self motivated and spread the motivation to staff

- Job delegation effectively

- Self confidence and motivation

- Negotiation, make connection with each other and learn the differences

- Etc

2. Most relevant

Almost all topics are relevant to the position of supervisor. Especially when the trainer explained about the motivation and self confidence in liaison of role the supervisor. Set mind to be confidence and share the positive thinking also spread the positive motivation. Be a good motivator.

3. Implement in Blom Nusantara

As a supervisor, You have to motivate the staff, to give them good impression, to give them a belief in the values that are important to us. Helping the others staff to be able to solve the problems themselves. Give them training , coach them and get their hidden ideas that they never known before so they can believe that they can achieve the things we want to achieve.

If the staff making mistakes, it is not the reason to reprimand them. If the problem persist, for example why the staff can not reach the target, ask them and discuss what is the problem actually. So when things aren’t working out or are unclear for us, they are able to explain what is happening in practical terms that we can understand.

A good supervisor will listening and hearing what the complaint staff has. Listen what they want and why they want it. Eventually they help us understand and make sense of our environment.

Build up the team work as good as possible. Try to solve any conflict among the operators. Build their mind to positive decisions about our life, work and the future, especially as a group. Because as a group will have a feeling of power to achieve group goals – the group becomes a team under an effective supervisor.

DR. DWI Suryanto in my view

Sekilas sebelum mengenal Pak Dwi sepertinya ‘flat’ saja (orang mapping bilangnya flat,..datar – datar saja). Tidak ada kesan yang….gimana gitu, biasa saja. Sepertinya yang ada di benak saya saat itu (sebelum training itu dimulai) paling – paling seorang pembicara pada umumnya, tidak  ada yang bakalan melekat akan kata – kata dan ceramahnya.

Namun ketika sesi pertama itu dimulai, kesan awal tadi sepertinya tidak terbukti adanya. Pak Dwi perlahan menepis kekeliruan saya. Ternyata beliau sesosok yang ‘nyaman’ untuk didengarkan, pembawaan yang tenang, serius namun humoris. Read more… »

Supervisor Management

Sebagai seorang leader, dia harus memberikan motivasi kepada bawahannya. Memberikan kesan yang baik, menularkan pikiran positif. Berusaha merasakan apa yang dikeluhkan dan dirasakan, lalu memancing gagasan – gagasan tersembunyi yang sebetulnya belum diketahui. Bantu karyawan untuk mampu menyelesaikan suatu pekerjaan hingga bisa memecahkan masalah dengan sendirinya. Read more… »

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Recreational cycling is perhaps the most satisfying way to get exercise, fresh air and improve your health compared to any other form of recreation. Getting there under your own power is rewarding. The views an experiences along the way are part of the world in which you live, instead of one you merely drive through