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Other Mental Strategies

Other Mental Strategies:

Tallying your mental wanderings. Have a 3 x 5 inch card handy. Draw two lines dividing the card into three sections. Label them “morning,” “afternoon,” and “evening.”

Each time your mind wanders, make a tally in the appropriate section. Keep a card for each day. As your skills build, you’ll see the number of tallies decrease. And that’s exciting!


Worry or Think Time

Worry or Think Time

Set aside a specific time each day to think about the things that keep entering your mind and interfering with your concentration. For example, set 4:30 to 5 p.m. as your worry/think time. When your mind is side-tracked into worrying during the day, remind yourself that you have a special time for worrying. Then, let the thought go for the present, and return your focus to your immediate activity.


The Spider Technique

This is another strategy that sounds deceptively simple. But it is the basis for concentration because it helps you to maintain your concentration and not give in to distractions.

Hold a vibrating tuning fork next to a spider web. The spider will react and come looking for what is vibrating the web. Do it several times and the spider “wises up” and knows there’s no bug and doesn’t come looking.


Be Here Now!

Be Here Now

This deceptively simple strategy is probably the most effective. When you notice your thoughts wandering astray, say to yourself

“Be here now”

and gently bring your attention back to where you want it.


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“I can’t concentrate.” “My mind wanders when I try to study.”
Lack of concentration is one of the most frequent complaints heard on a college campus.


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Recreational cycling is perhaps the most satisfying way to get exercise, fresh air and improve your health compared to any other form of recreation. Getting there under your own power is rewarding. The views an experiences along the way are part of the world in which you live, instead of one you merely drive through