Escape from stagnancy by cycling – Bersepeda ke tempat kerja

Segitu canggihnya negeri orang sampe sistem transportasi sepeda saja sudah terprogram dengan GIS.
Pedestrian and Bicycle GIS Safety Analysis Tools

Geographic Information System (GIS) software turns statistical data such as accidents and geographic data such as roads and crash locations into meaningful information for spatial analysis and mapping. In this suite of pedestrian and bicycle safety tools, GIS–based analytical techniques have been applied to a series of pedestrian and bicycle safety issues. The tools included in this suite can be used to develop the following:

* high pedestrian crash zones
* safe routes for walking to school
* safe bicycle routes

This suite of GIS tools is an update of the original suite developed for ArcView 3.x. For an overview document from the original release of Pedestrian and Bicycle GIS Safety Tools, see the FHWA TechBrief, GIS Tools for Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety [PDF]. Please be aware that the TechBrief has outdated information about minimum hardware requirements and screen shots of the ArcView 3.x tools.

For more details on this application, refer to the following user guides (also contained within the installation packages):

* FHWA GIS High Crash Zones Tools Version 4.0
* FHWA GIS Safe Bike Routes Tools Version 4.0
* FHWA GIS Safe Routes to School Tools Version 4.0

In order to use this suite of tools, the following software must be installed on the local computer:

* ESRI ArcGIS 9.1 (sp2) or 9.2
* Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 or Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0
* ESRI Spatial Analyst Extension (for High Crash Zone)
* ESRI Network Analyst Extension (for Safe Bike Routes and Safe Routes to School)
* Crystal Reports version XI for ESRI
* Microsoft Access (2000 or later)

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Recreational cycling is perhaps the most satisfying way to get exercise, fresh air and improve your health compared to any other form of recreation. Getting there under your own power is rewarding. The views an experiences along the way are part of the world in which you live, instead of one you merely drive through